Miles Davis and LPMD Do It All

Updated: June 30, 2012

Like the core of Fansmanship, Miles Davis has deep Cayucos roots.

Not THAT Miles Davis. Miles M. Davis. From LPMD. From the Central Coast.

Miles and I grew up on the same street in Cayucos — Playing with a six or seven-foot rim, I dunked on him and Cesar (the third member of our little crew) continuously well into middle school. In return, Miles treated my whiffle ball pitches like I treated the rim — hitting left-handed or right-handed and winning just about every baseball-related contest you could think of.

A die-hard Giants and 49ers fan, Miles has teamed up with Yellowcard drummer Longineu Parsons III to form LPMD. I caught up with Miles this week to talk about being a Bay-Area sports fan living in Los Angeles, the growing success of LPMD, and his outlook on breaking into the music business.

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