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    Podcast Episode 137 – Doug Fullerton

    The commissioner of the Big Sky Conference, Doug Fullerton joined the show this week. I asked him about the atmosphere at Washington-Grizzly stadium this past weekend, the importance of Montana’s victory...

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    Podcast Episode 136 – Tim Walsh

    As he gets ready to begin his seventh season at Cal Poly, Tim Walsh answered questions about this year’s Cal Poly football team. We talked about the ideal usage of Chris Brown,...

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    Podcast Episode 135 – Steve Sampson

    It’s been about eight months since Steve Sampson took over as the Cal Poly head coach. Sampson’s 34-man roster includes 13 newcomers and boasts at least four seniors with professional aspirations....

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    Podcast Episode 134 – Colter Nuanez

    Colter Nuanez has covered Big Sky sports for various media outlets for a long time, so who better to talk some Big Sky football with than the man himself. We discussed why...

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    Podcast Episode 133 – Nick Torres

    Earlier this week, Padres prospect and Cal Poly alum Nick Torres was gracious enough to spend some time after a game in Lake Elsinore to talk some about how the past year-plus...

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    Podcast Episode 132 – Jamie Clark

    A former college pitcher at Fresno State, Jamie Clark has been around the Blues organization for over a decade. When Chal Fanning left for a job at Austin Peay this past...

  • Brett Barbier caught the majority of the season for Cal Poly during his junior campaign in 2015. By Owen Main

    Podcast Episode 131 – Brett Barbier

    Owen opens the show talking about whining in Los Angeles. DeAndre Jordan’s going to be a Clipper again and this has to be the whiniest fanbase of a first-place team I’ve...

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    Fansmanship Podcast 130 – Owen in a car

    On my way back to San Luis Obispo from a soccer game in Los Angeles on a Wednesday night, I blather on about God-knows-what… .

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    Podcast Episode 130 – Chase Johnson

    Chase Johnson is pitching really well in his second full season of professional baseball. The pitcher out of Cal Poly talked to Owen for a few minutes after last Sunday’s game about...

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    Fansmanship Podcast 129 – A frustrated Dodger fan

    In this short solo podcast, Owen tries to talk himself into not overreacting to the Dodgers recent debacle in San Francisco. Also, some local baseball topics are discussed.

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