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    Fansmanship Podcast 130 – Owen in a car

    On my way back to San Luis Obispo from a soccer game in Los Angeles on a Wednesday night, I blather on about God-knows-what… .

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    Podcast Episode 130 – Chase Johnson

    Chase Johnson is pitching really well in his second full season of professional baseball. The pitcher out of Cal Poly talked to Owen for a few minutes after last Sunday’s game about...

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    Fansmanship Podcast 129 – A frustrated Dodger fan

    In this short solo podcast, Owen tries to talk himself into not overreacting to the Dodgers recent debacle in San Francisco. Also, some local baseball topics are discussed.

  • Yep, it's just Owen this week. Not sure how big of a  downgrade this is, but rest assured, like a car accident, you're going to want to listen in.

    Fansmanship Podcast Episode 128 – Just Owen

    You read it right folks – Owen flies solo for the first time ever in this 20 minute podcast. Topics include media credentials for a golf blogger, the PGA Tour’s lack of...

  • Hovde

    Podcast Episode 127 – Dave Hovde

    Dave Hovde is probably the most engaging personality on local television, and it’s not an accident. The Fargo, North Dakota native came to the Fansmanship Podcast studio and talked about his...

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    Podcast Episode 126 – Bill Grundler

    Bill Grundler is a lot of things. A former Cal Poly wrestler who has been a teacher, wrestling coach, and firefighter, Grundler is now a CrossFit Games analyst and co-owner of...

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    Podcast Episode 125 – Joshua D. Scroggin

    The word is out. JD Scroggin is leaving the San Luis Obispo Tribune. In his last podcast appearance while on the college beat at Cal Poly, Owen and JD spend some time...

  • Greg Cunningham is the host of The Asylum on 97.3 FM, The Rock, in Morro Bay.

    Podcast Episode 124 – Greg Cunningham

    Greg Cunningham has hosted The Asylum on Morro Bay public radio (The Rock 97.3 FM) for almost a year now. He stopped by to talk some A’s, Bulls, and sports on the...

  • CIF

    Podcast Episode 123 – Alex J. Jankowski

    On the eve of the premier of SanLuisObispo.com‘s new Preps Box Live web show, the Tribune’s Alex J. Jankowski joins the podcast to discuss the new online show. With CIF Playoffs starting...

  • Jenny Condon is entering her 11th season at the helm of the Cal Poly softball program. By Owen Main

    Fansmanship Podcast Episode 121 – Jenny Condon

    Going into her 11th season at Cal Poly, Jenny Condon has two conference titles under her belt, three Big West Coach of the Year Awards, and an incoming freshman class that...

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