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    Podcast Episode 145 – Brian McInnis

    Brian McInnis of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser joined me to talk about the upcoming college basketball season. Lots of Big West talk, especially Cal Poly and Hawai’i. Follow him on Twitter @Brian_McInnis

  • Joe Callero is entering his sixth season as Cal Poly men's basketball coach. This year's team will almost definitely have the highest expectation of any of Callero's teams thus far. By Owen Main

    Fansmanship Podcast Episode 143 – Joe Callero

    Cal Poly head basketball coach joins the podcast for an abbreviated episode to talk about how practice is going so far this year, his hope to up the tempo of play,...

  • GauchoLocos

    Podcast Episode 142 – Gaucho Loco Chris Pierce

    To get a little counter-point to this mostly Cal Poly-centric site, I thought I’d invite Chris Pierce from the Gaucho Locos to the podcast. With the Cal Poly vs. UCSB Blue-Green...

  • Bestteam01

    Podcast Episode 141 – Molly Knight

    The author of The Best Team Money can Buy, Molly Knight is a life-long Dodger fan who talks about being a fan and journalist, her book, and the NLDS drama that is unfolding in...

  • Fansmanship Blog

    Podcast Episode 140 – Lucas Clark

    Lucas Clark has been on the college beat in San Luis Obispo for the Tribune for just a few months, but he already has a lot to say about college football...

  • Barket

    Podcast Episode 139 – Tom Barket

    The voice of Cal Poly, Tom Barket joins the podcast for at least the third time. We talk about an epic summer road trip, Cal Poly’s win last week in Montana,...

  • Wahlberg

    Podcast Episode 138 – Brint Wahlberg

    Brint Wahlberg makes his second appearance on the podcast. From EGriz.com, Wahlberg shares his Montana knowledge and excitement about Big Sky football prior to the Cal Poly game in Missoula on...

  • bigSky_logo_detail

    Podcast Episode 137 – Doug Fullerton

    The commissioner of the Big Sky Conference, Doug Fullerton joined the show this week. I asked him about the atmosphere at Washington-Grizzly stadium this past weekend, the importance of Montana’s victory...

  • 2015-08-10-CPFBPracticesmall-27

    Podcast Episode 136 – Tim Walsh

    As he gets ready to begin his seventh season at Cal Poly, Tim Walsh answered questions about this year’s Cal Poly football team. We talked about the ideal usage of Chris Brown,...

  • 2014-12-04-SampsonPressConf-16

    Podcast Episode 135 – Steve Sampson

    It’s been about eight months since Steve Sampson took over as the Cal Poly head coach. Sampson’s 34-man roster includes 13 newcomers and boasts at least four seniors with professional aspirations....

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