Podcast Episode 166 – Larry Peña and LARPing

Updated: April 17, 2017

Larry Peña is a nice dude, but the look of an archer on a mission is another thing altogether. By Owen Main

On this episode of the podcast, Larry Peña joined to discuss Live Action Role Play, or LARP. If you don’t know what that is, you might remember the central theme of the movie Role Models. Also, maybe you have driven past Santa Rosa Park on a Saturday and seen men and women dressed like medieval fighters battling it out with foam swords and axes.

Larry (who is also the editor of Cal Poly Magazine) discussed how he got into it, what the people are like, and what the games are. If you want to hear about a subculture you may not have known about or just like listening to someone talk about something they’re passionate about, this episode might be for you.