Important – Dodgers fight a losing battle with Fantasy Football Draft

Updated: August 29, 2016

This is important.

Fantasy sports is a thing that has been prevalent in the Dodgers clubhouse over recent years. Stories of Zack Grienke  The sign in the clubhouse says no gambling, but it seems to be a bonding experience for the team, and I’m sure it’s all in good fun — nothing wagered and so nothing gained or lost. Except maybe, one’s pride.

I saw some tweets with the “Big Board,” and I have to say, I’m a fan of some of the team names. I like the idea that some teams are co-managed and that dudes will be trash talking throughout the season. Stuff like this is, generally, good for team chemistry.

I was looking at all the players who were participating and I saw a name out of place. Farhan Zaidi. The General Manager. The guy whose job it is to measure how good players, albeit from a different sport, are on paper, and make roster moves. Farhan Zaidi is one of VERY few people whose actual job it is to manage a REAL sports team. And they let him play fantasy sports against them. The team with one of the best defenses in the majors let an easy grounder go through their legs on this one.

I’m not sure how much authority I have here, but I know it’s not zero.

So in a competition between the guy whose job it is to pick athletes to put up good numbers vs. the athletes themselves, I’ll take Zaidi against the field. If he finished outside the top three, it will be a monumental upset, and I haven’t even looked at who he drafted.

I know players on the Dodgers are competitive, but if Zaidi put any thought into his fantasy football team, the rest of the clubhouse should look out. Farhan’s a gamer too.