Get Off My Back!

Updated: August 17, 2012

I’ve always been interested in why people put other guys’ names on their backs.

I decided during the second inning of the Reds-Cubs game on Friday night, after my second Skyline Coney, that I needed to focus less on the game and more on the park and fans. Whose jerseys are the fans wearing these days and why?

In Cincinnati, the usual suspects were in-place. Joey Votto dominated. There was probably a ratio of one Votto jersey for every other jersey in the park combined. Brandon Phillips, Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce had the second most. Zack Cozart seems to be the up-and-comer with jerseys in G.A.B.

The elusive Sabo. Definitely the best jersey I caught on the night.

For old-timers, I caught quite a few Bench’s, Roses and Larkins. Dodger-hater Joe Morgan was a popular choice. I even came across a Paul O’Neill and, the jackpot, Chris Sabo.

Since there were quite a few Cubs fans at the divisional matchup, there were lots of blue jerseys to be found as well. Popular were Ryne Sandberg and Ron Santo. Despite how much of a disappointment he is, there were also several Alfonso Soriano jerseys too. With the up-and-coming Anthony Rizzo and Bryan LaHair, I don’t expect to see many Soriano jerseys in the future.

Along with the Sabo, my favorite jersey of the night was a Rowengartner. Do you know who Henry Rowengartner was? He was the 12 year-old in the movie, Rookie of the Year. He broke his arm and somehow came back throwing in the high-90’s.

I even saw a Lou Gherig and, for good measure, an Andrew McCutchen.

It definitely was a splendid evening in Cincinnati. With a first-place team and a full ballpark, the Reds have a lot to be happy about. Their fans didn’t disappoint.

According to one fan, this is the face of pure evil. Overheard at the ballpark: “I don’t trust anyone with a head that big made out of a baseball and a mustache like that. He can’t be up to any good…”

















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Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson

Henry Roganwartner! LOL. Hell yes. So awesome.