Dodgers front office continues to be responsive

Updated: August 19, 2017

If there was any doubt about the mindset of the people in charge, let there be no more. The Dodgers aren’t going for broke. But they are doing everything they can to help keep this great thing going. 

With only 44 games to play in the regular season, the Dodgers, who are on-pace for a historic number of wins, improved their outfield depth, acquiring Curtis Granderson. 

Fangraphs still has the Dodgers’ World Series odds at 19 percent. That’s better than any other team, but still only a little better than a literal roll of a dice. Which is why a move like this, for an already-dominant team, is seen as necessary. Even for a team 52 games over .500 in August, Andrew Friedman and co. still thought they needed to make some marginal improvements. 

Granderson is known as a great clubhouse presence and a great guy in baseball circles. He’s been a Roberto Clemente Award winner and is in the lineup for the Dodgers today (Saturday). 

For Dodgers fans — if you didn’t know I am one — this is more confirmation that the Friedman/Zaidi front office is smarter than everyone. Nobody had Granderson on their radar. Nobody I saw was even talking about the need for another outfielder. People were “worried” about Joc Pederson, but nobody had any ideas on what to do about it. 

But the Dodgers did. And they acted. It was swift, decisive, and measured. As has been the case basically since Friedman and Zaidi have been in place, the Dodgers’ front office is the best in baseball. They proved why again on Friday.