Brian Milne – A Blogger with a Vision (Podcast)

Updated: September 12, 2012


What we wish our studio looked like…

Brian Milne is many things. He is a former reporter and web editor for the Tribune, covering Cal Poly sports during the middle of the last decade. He has written for three top-1,000 websites. And, more recently, Milne is the founder of — a sports-blog clearinghouse of sorts where popular posts simmer to the top of the sports-blogosphere stew.

I talked to Brian at first about sports in general and we quickly got into one of his favorite topics — media coverage of sports and the current state of the national and local media, including print media and blogs. We discussed the positives and negatives of some popular blogs and also where the Central Coast fits into the sports saturation scale (the scale, in case you were wondering, goes from Boris Navatchkov to Tim Tebow).

Probably a more accurate depiction of what our studio looks like. Photo courtesy of Collectie SPAARNESTAD PHOTO/Wiel van der Randen, via Nationaal Archief., via Wikimedia Commons


Recently Milne announced that, a content-producing spinoff of, will be sharing 100% of its ad revenue with its writers, which is a unique concept in the world of sports-blogsmanship.

Milne also discussed his first Dodger game, what is was like to have a grandfather who was a sports reporter, and how us Californians might be a little more relaxed about our sports fansmanship than the rest of the country.

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